This weekend I participated in one of the most inspiring and electrifying shows of life.  Leadfoot - Vancouver’s own butch choir put together a beautiful night and I was privileged to be a part of it.  I’m still vibrating!

Here I am fronting the handsome devils on Rumour Has It.

on cultivating momements of whimsy and connection in my life as a survival tool


lez be real pals, i get really fucking bogged down sometimes. i have recently started to realize that having whimsical experiences and having heart connections with others are coping mechanisms form me and make me feel ‘spiritually rich’ as jessica would say. here are some examples of how i make myself feel better when shit feels hard. this list is really incomplete and will be very different for everyone, but maybe it will get your imagination flowing. 

1. light sparklers and drink whiskey in the gnarled garry oaks on an eerie spring night with someone you love

2. bake a pie for someone or a group of people you really care about (preferably strawberry basil) and surprise them with it!

3. share food and love and words with others

3. don’t hang out with people if you don’t want to and try not to apologize for finding large group hangouts where only small talk is possible insufferable and shallow. invite only blanket forts are more my speed.

4. MAKE YOURSELF A BAKED DIP OF ANY KIND (you will never, ever regret this) and watch some fantasy movies (if you’ve never seen legend, start there) 

5. dress up in fun outfits and go play outside. don’t be afraid of your imagination. 

6. take pleasure in the beauty of nature and get as close to it as you can. i like to bird watch, or lie back and look at the clouds. i like to watch sunsets and splash in puddles and smell flowers. 

7. adorn yourself with as many sparkly things as possible, take excessive vanity shots or just enjoy the way you look on your own

8. say the things that you are grateful for about yourself, your body, your loved ones out loud or write them down. 

SPARKS NOTES: food, nature, love, rhinestones





subtitled version here

This week we’re talking about Self Love! Its an important tool for life and a vital building block for the topics we’ll be talking about here on out on Heavy Petting. Self love enriches your relationships with others, but most importantly yourself.

Remember to be compassionate and patient with yourselves Heavy Petters!

Here’s the link to our video on Intuitive Eating that we talk about in the video 

self love 101!


Last night I had a vivid dream about crema. I was pouring shots and watching the thick caramelized sugar swirling in ribbons slowly dissipate over and over again, left repeatedly staring quizzically into the murky darkness of the coffee beneath it.

I woke at 4:24 am in sweats and quickened…


The other day I got in trouble in my acting class for wearing gold nail polish and drawing on my eyebrows. We are expected to come to class with a “neutral body”. That means no make up and no nail polish because, wait for it…”It’s a mask underneath which hides our truer, realer, more authentic…


The lovely Little-Mx-Switch just asked me this question, and since I love to procrastinate thought I would make a little guide because I get these questions a lot.

Question: “Hey Majestic! I was wondering if you had any tips for how to look awesome in clothing that is more masculine when…


TW: light conversation on the topic disordered eating

HUNGRY VIRGINZ: Intuitive Eating 101 (subtitles here)

In this video Jessica and I move away from the hilarity of unbridled Hungry Virginity storytelling videos of the past and have an informative afternoon tea party discussing the merits of Intuitive Eating and how it might help people with disordered eating habits (or just people who want to love food more/differently) in reclaiming, celebrating, and re-negotiating their relationships with food. Yay! This video is long and I am almost unbearably dorky, but we hope you watch it and share it with people that it might help. 


What Is Intuitive Eating? (click to find out more!) 
What  have our fat fairy god mothers said about this?
Lesley Kinzel wrote about it here and here
Marianne Kirby wrote about it here, here, here, here, here and here
Kate Harding wrote about it here, here, here and here
we love all of you so much! xoxo

Thank Goddess for femmes and those who worship them.

Last night, I had dinner with a new femme friend and she painted my nails and we talked and talked and talked.  And as we talked, her adorable partner came home, lit us a candle, chatted for a bit and disappeared into the bedroom to give us space - withdrawing only to replenish the hot water in our tea pot.

As she brushed the lacquer onto my fingers, my hands resting on a fancy fashion glossy, we told each other pieces of our herstories - our queer community woes, first loves, bad haircuts, and those early moments when the word “femme” blew quietly from our bubble-gum lips.

This lovely ritual felt rejuvenating and nurturing and…complicated.  It made my heart yearn for Majestic.  

I came home and cried and ached for the evenings we would stay up past our bedtime and paint our toes.  Those nights we talked shit about misogyny, but more importantly, colour combinations.  Those early-morning photo shoots with our across-the-hall bedroom doors flung open, trading tender heart secrets and hard-won opinions, silky scarves and leather belts, and no-this-colour-looks-better-on-you lipsticks.

It’s not a six foot long hallway that separates us now, but a rich, tempestuous ocean.

But, Majestic, I make myself glamorous for you.  I always will.



It’s Kingsley Cricket, my precious guy.  This is the first song that we ever collab’d on and it is very dear to my heart, just like the gemstone himself.  That’s me in the background!

beautiful voices, beautiful people, beautiful song. listen listen listennnn. 

i’m meeting up with Kingsley tonight to record my harmony for another incredible song for his album and i am way excited

If we lived in the same city, we’d make a band that brought the world to its knees.

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